Backhand Sally

Well, since it’s my band I might be biased, but in fairness of a real review, and to give readers and idea of how I will review other bands, here is a Ginger Grace Music review of variety/original group Backhand Sally.

When you first hear Backhand Sally you are immediately drawn to their original sound. It doesn’t matter if they are covering The Red Hot Chili Peppers or singing an original, it is clear they are wonderfully different from the sea of cover bands in the DFW music scene. Commonly performing as an acoustic duo, you can catch this group all over the DFW area from wineries to dance halls and lots of places in between. Their set lists boast a large variety of top 40 hits that span most genres and decades.

The group consists of Texas native Brock Hard and Louisiana native Ginger Grace. Each bring a different musical background that adds to their unique sound and performance style. Ginger has been singing and performing since she was 8 and has toured and played with various groups for decades. Brock started his journey some years back as a guitar player with different groups and has become a front man, arranger, and performer in his own right. These two meshed together make some kind of magic that makes you an instant fan. Ginger brings a soulful, powerhouse voice to the table, and adds accompaniment on the keyboard, while Brock evens the group out with his wistful tenor and guitar chops. As mentioned, they most commonly play as a duo but at times they add musicians for different venues and events as called for. They both agree that playing with a full band of musicians is their favorite; it gives them a chance to turn up the volume, play electric and get loud! “Some songs are just better when done as originally intended,” says Brock.

Their originals are a testament to their various influences and their own variety of musical taste. Their first single, “Text You When I Drink” is a pop/dance tune that hits with a driving drum beat and catchy sing-a-long lyrics that describe the relatable relationship issue of drunk dialing or texting, in this case! Their second release, “Tragic Love” is a rock ballad with a complex arrangement, intense vocals and harmonies and lyrics that tell a desperate love story. Both are a creative mix of lyrics, vocals and instrumentation and both are completely different styles of music. Their next 2 singles are set to release in October/November.

Backhand Sally (BS) also has a weekly YouTube live show that airs most Tuesday nights at 8:30 CST. “We do the live show each week, or most weeks, so that our fans, friends and family that can’t make a show in person can still experience a performance,” Ginger explained. “Social media is where music is these days. Our YouTube live shows are a compressed version of a gig and we’re able to give everyone a behind the scenes look at Backhand Sally,” Brock further explained.

If you’re in the Dallas area I recommend you check out their calendar a catch a show in person, but if not definitely make a point to watch their YouTube live show and watch all of their videos available on their channel today. To connect to Backhand Sally visit their website and support your local music.

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Brock Hard and Ginger Grace official promo picture.

Brock Hard and Ginger Grace official promo picture.