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Well...That Sucked!

This post is slightly difficult to write, I hesitated, but then decided I should share this with ya’ll, because that’s what we do these, share, everything! So, sometimes, not often, but sometimes my performances, well, um…, they suck. Well, maybe not suck, but they aren’t up to the level that I know they can and should be, and that is what this article is about-sucky performances and what to do about them.

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Getting Better Every Day (Are You Doing That?)

This is where I leave you, if you only sing, pick an instrument and learn to play it. I don’t care if it’s the tambourine, start somewhere. If you only play and instrument, dust off those YouTube vocal lessons and start learning to sing, at least a little. If you already do both, add another instrument, go back and learn to play different styles of music, big or small, doesn’t really matter, just add a little something to your craft and keep getting better every day.

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Persevere Dear Troubadour

As a long time musician that isn’t widely famous, I hear it all the time, “When are you going to quit music?” Um…"When are you going to quit breathing?” It’s really a rude question that I wish people would think about before they ask, but I know why they ask. They ask because they really don’t get it. They see bands playing at dive bars barely making a living, or “hobby bands” full of near retirement age people jamming away on the weekends only, and they think, “What could possible drive them to keep doing that all of the time if they aren’t famous?” Well that’s what this article is about, why us “non-famous” musicians keep practicing, keep playing and keep persevering.

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