Kadie Lynn

You might know her as the “young girl with a big voice” from the 2016 season of America's Got Talent, but Kadie Lynn is much more than that today. An accomplished songwriter, performer, and musician, Kadie Lynn is doing more at 15 than most artists do in a lifetime. She has her own publishing company, Big E Publishing ( a tribute to her nephew that recently passed), is writing her first full album that will be ready early next year, acting and performing regularly, all while completing her studies and being a teenager. To say that she’s “ahead of the curve” is an understatement.

Kadie Lynn is from Kemp, a small town in Northeast Texas. She lives there with her parents and her nearby siblings and extended family. When she’s home, she can be found performing at local churches, fundraisers and grand openings. Everyone that knows her loves her and supports in any way they can. Her hometown even has a billboard in her honor placed right at the city limits. Her mother, Deborah Roberson, told me that it’s wonderful having community support.

As previously mentioned, you are probably familiar with Kadie Lynn from America’s Got Talent. Although she was only 12 when she made it on the popular contest, she had already been singing and performing since she was around 6 and working as hard as any musician. She made it all the way to the semi-finals and instantly became a household name. The exposure helped launch her to the next phase of her career, giving her a name and platform to finally be widely recognized for the incredible talent she is and helped her win several music awards.

She has won the East Texas Music Awards Female Vocalist of the Year twice, Female Guitarist of the Year and Singer/Songwriter of the Year. She was also the Texas Regional Radio Music Awards 2017 New Female Vocalist of the Year and 2017’s Texas Country Music Awards Young Artist of the Year and current runner up. Her experience on stage, winning and accepting awards has also garnered her a spot as a host for the East Texas Music Awards.

Her career has a bit of a personal attachment for me. I met her when she was just 9 years old at a backyard music festival, where the host of the event asked me if my band could back her for a few songs. When we got the song list we weren’t sure she would be able to pull off such powerful choices, but we were quickly proven wrong. At such a young age, Kadie Lynn was already a show stopper. Her big voice was equaled by her commanding stage presence and her “it” factor. I knew then that she was a musician the world was going to get know and love very soon, and she is!

Her talent far surpasses her strong, classic vocals. She is a musician and songwriter as well. She is an accomplished guitar player and also plays piano, and her songwriting career is taking off with a running start.

When she talks about her songwriting, her face lights up and her eyes sparkle, and it is clear writing is a deep passion. Her process is personal she explains, “When I want to write a happy song, I write a happy song, even if I’m not feeling happy, and if I want to write a sad song, I do the same. I can create the feelings I want to write about.” Her song Stronger debuted in 2016 with a world premier music video and her latest single Breathe will debut in the stage play “Don’t Bully Me”.

Kadie Lynn spends a good deal of time in Nashville, making connections, performing at local venues working with other artists and of course writing songs. During her last visit to Nashville, she made a connection in the music industry that ended up providing a great opportunity to further her songwriting process. She will be participating in a workshop in Los Angeles, CA this winter and she couldn’t be more excited. “I’m really looking forward to working and writing with professional, established songwriters in the business. It’s such a compliment to be invited to be part of the creative process.,” Kadie Lynn shared. We talked about the possibility of her moving full time to Nashville and she said that although that’s certainly on the horizon she will always have a home in Texas.

With so much going on Kadie Lynn still finds time for a personal life. She’s learning to drive, spends time with friends and likes to hang out and goof off as much as any teenager; however, there is an older energy about her. She is wise and articulate when she talks and has an air of confidence that makes you comfortable around her. Even during our interview a few people couldn’t help but to approach her and gush over her. She takes all of it in stride and none of it for granted, like a true star and lady.

Be on the lookout for Kadie Lynn’s new album next year and follow her on social media to find out where she’s performing next.

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