Do you really listen to all submissions?

Yes we really listen to every one.

Do all musicians get a printed review?

Unfortunately, no, they don’t. We are here to help you out and spread the word about your music. If we feel that your music isn’t ready yet, we will let you know.

Are you really a musician?

I most certainly am, and so are the contributing editors. Send us a message and we will send you a date to come watch us live.


Do you give lessons or advice?

We currently do not give lessons but check out the Tips of the Trade page for advice about the music business.

Can i resubmit my submission if i don’t make the cut the first time?

Yes, and we encourage that you do. If we think you weren’t ready the first time, that doesn’t mean you can’t be after a few tweaks!

is your hair really red?

Yes, I was blessed by God with a mutant gene that I’m very proud of.