About Ginger

Ha, who writes this stuff? I do I suppose, so here's a quick run down of what this blog is about. 

Ginger Grace Music is a blog about independent musicians that are trying to do it all by themselves. Yes, I know there are thousands of other blogs out there that are also about independent artists, blah blah blah. However, this blog is different for a few reasons: 1. I'm a working independent musician myself and 2. I'm not only writing about every garage band with Garage Band and ProTools, I'm writing about the whole (local) music scene. That includes cover bands, tribute bands, solo artists, singer/songwriters, professional kazoo players, you name it. I read music blogs all of the time and they are limited to music groups/artists that are already making a name for themselves and have 15 gobillion social media followers. This blog isn't those blogs, this one is for the really great cover band or singer/songwriter that has an album and is pushing it but just needs to broaden their audience. GGM. That’s what we’re doing here, sharing really great music with really great audiences.

We'd love to give your music a listen whether it's covers, originals or both. If you have a band in the Dallas/Fort. Worth, Texas area send us a calendar and we'll come check you out and ask a few questions in person. If you're not local to the area, send us your website or social media where we can watch some videos of you performing and we can do everything over email and text! 

P.S. Here's a little about my career in music. I have been in the industry long enough to know good talent when I hear it, and when I hear it I want to share that with others, because let’s face it, it takes a village.

Okay here's me: 

I have been singing and performing since I was 8 years old. My first performance was as Annie singing “Tomorrow.” I am a songwriter and released my first EP in 2011 and currently have 2 singles available(click here to listen/buy).I have toured with the show band Vince Vance and the Valients as Venus Valienette and I also play with several bands in the DFW area and I am the co-founder of Backhand Sally, you can check them out here. www.backhandsallymusic.com

We want to include you or a musician/band you think we should review, so make sure to contact us by sending us an email.

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